Ice is simply water substance in a solid form. It occurs in the atmosphere and on the earth's surface and can take many different forms such as ice pellets, snow, hoar frost, rime, glaze and hail.

Ice can form over the surface of garden ponds, lakes and even rivers during exceptionally cold periods. It can also form over road surfaces, cars, building and vegetation in the form of black ice, frost or snow.

The Met Office is responsible for issuing weather warnings.

What are we doing in North Yorkshire?

We work together to plan for:

  • Public awareness
  • Production of multi-agency plans to manage the effects of severe weather events including any impact on utility networks.
  • Working with emergency services, local authorities and other agencies to develop flood response plans and procedures
  • Communicating with housing developers to incorporate flood protection into new developments

Where can I go for more information?

For more information visit the Met Office website Heavy Snow and ice roads section.

Find out about the different types of ice and how they form on the Met Office site.