Utility Failure

There have been occurrences of a utility failure affecting large areas in the UK but such incidents are usually restored within 24 hours.

Because of our reliance on utilities such as electricity, even localised losses of can have a significant impact on those affected.

What can you do?

  • Read the section Emergency Kit – keep yours fully stocked
  • Where appropriate register as a vulnerable customer with relevant companies
  • Outages may come without warning, so consider how you can be prepared
  • Keep mobile phones and laptops charged
  • Keep a non-mains powered landline telephone handy so you can make calls it a power outage
  • Know where to turn off your utilities – it maybe necessary to isolate your supply during some emergencies

Priority Services

Sign up to your energy supplier’s Priority Services Register to receive extra help and support in the event of a planned or unplanned disruption.

You should let your utilities suppliers know if you:

  • have a disability or are chronically sick
  • depend on a continuous supply of power for medical equipment or mobility equipment such as stair lifts and hoists
  • are visually impaired or have hearing difficulties
  • are of state pensionable age
  • have other specific requirements

Find out more information about the specific services provided, including how to register, by visit Northern Powergrids and Yorkshire Waters website or by contacting your gas supplier directly.

Some phone companies have priority services. This is especially useful if you have a lifeline service registered to your home. To find out more contact your phone line provider to see their criteria and sign up.