Current incidents in North Yorkshire

When there are incidents or emergency events that may affect North Yorkshire the Local Resilience Forum will post updates on this page.


Please also follow our Twitter account to see latest emergency info

You can find local and relevant information to North Yorkshire on the North Yorkshire County Council's website including a dedicated telephone number for vulnerable who are self isolating.  

You can follow Public Health England on their Twitter and Facebook social media sites to keep up to date with any further information.  

Coronavirus update for our current Ready for Anything volunteers

Flooding alerts and warnings 

There are flood risk areas in North Yorkshire. You can keep up to date by viewing the alerts via the Environment Agency and signing up to alerts for your area. 

You can keep up to date with Met office weather warnings on their website.  

We will post any further updates when we have them.  

You will find the latest information by following agencies Twitter accounts. North Yorkshire Local Resilience Forum is and other agencies accounts can be found here