Coronavirus update for our current Ready for Anything volunteers




  • How often will I be contacted? – You will receive periodic emails where we will tell you about any recent incidents and upcoming training sessions. For actual incidents, it may be infrequent texts, but we can’t always predict when emergencies will occur!
  • What training do we get? – There will be an induction session offered to all volunteers, and then there will be additional annual training events and offers to participate in live multi-agency exercises.
  • Why do we have to have a mobile phone? – We need a primary method of communication with volunteers for incident notification and to be able to keep in contact with volunteers who have been deployed.
  • Do we need special equipment? – Just bring your lanyard and fluorescent tabard (provided at the initial training session) and warm clothing. You do not need to provide anything else. All other necessary equipment will be provided.
  • ID cards - All of our volunteers are provided with a Ready For Anything lanyard, but it would be advisable to bring some form of identification with you such as a driving licence when you are registering with the volunteer coordinator.
  • Are we covered by insurance? – All of our volunteers are covered by the North Yorkshire County Council public liability insurance and employer's insurance. If the volunteer uses a private vehicle, they are responsible for arranging their own insurance cover.  Volunteers should therefore be advised, in their own interests, to obtain confirmation from their motor insurers that they are fully insured to drive the vehicle they intend to use for volunteering activities for Ready For Anything. Not all insurers require notification and ABI have created this handy document to list each insurer and if any action is required.
  • Health and safety - All roles are risk assessed and the risk assessments are shared with the volunteers. Volunteers have a duty to take care of themselves and others who might be affected by their actions. Volunteers should not act outside of their authorised area of work and should report all accidents and near misses to their volunteer coordinator.
  • Do we need to be DBS checked? – No. This is not a requirement due to the nature of the roles.
  • Do we get expenses e.g. mileage? – Unfortunately we are not able to offer expenses. We are extremely grateful to our volunteers for offering their time for free, but will often provide you with a cuppa and a biscuit!
  • Confidentiality - Volunteers are likely to become aware of confidential information about an incident or individuals affected. Volunteers should not disclose this information or use it for their own or another's benefit without the consent of the party concerned. This does not prevent disclosure once the information is in the public domain (unless it has been made public as a result of the volunteer's breach of confidentiality) or where the law permits or requires disclosure.
  • What if I am not available? – There is no obligation to be available for every call for help. We are very grateful for any time that volunteers can give.
  • How do I respond to your initial text for help? – If you ARE available then please reply to the text from us as follows:

“We need your help! There’s currently an incident in … and we need some help. Please text back RFA YES if you’re available. More details will then follow.”


If you are NOT able to help then do not reply to the text and we will assume you are not available.

  • What if I want to leave Ready for Anything? – You can leave our volunteer list at any time. Simply email us at readyforanything@northyorks.gov.uk and tell us that you no longer want to be a volunteer. We will delete all your personal details from our database and you will no longer hear from us.