Community Prepared

An effective response to emergencies depends upon robust preparation. An informed and prepared community is a safer community.


Community Emergency Plans

Emergency services will always have to prioritise those in greatest need during an emergency, especially where life is in danger. Communities may therefore need to rely on their own resources to minimise the impact of an emergency, before the emergency services arrive. Emergencies can take many forms, from small house fires through to widespread loss of electricity or flooding.

Could your community cope?

Many communities already help each other in times of need, but experience shows that those who are prepared cope better during an emergency. Communities with local knowledge, enthusiasm and information are a great asset and a Community Emergency Plan can help. Such as recent success in Ingleton;

"I would say that communities need something like this. You need to have a plan and make it as simple as you can. You need a calling system to bring people in to help. You need someone to give guidance and reassure people affected by the emergency that someone is looking after them." Ingleton Parish councillor John Emsley (full story).


Being prepared is all about three simple steps, click for more details

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