30 days 30 ways campaign

North Yorkshire local resilience are involved in the emergencies 30 days 30 ways campaign

The #30days30waysUK campaign is a network that all Local Resilience Forums, Category One and Category Two organisations can get involved with annually in the month of September to share messages the help people and businesses prepare for different emergency situations - big and small.

When people talk about emergencies you may think of recent tragic events such as the attacks on London and Manchester, recent UK storms and flooding, the Nepal earthquake, the Indonesian tsunami or other global disasters. Resilience and emergencies isn't just about these large events though - it can be about local power cuts, water main bursts, gas leaks, fires, transport strikes and road closures which can happen any day and affect us all at one time or another. Taking proactive steps to be better prepared will help you not only with everyday emergencies but also with far less likely incidents.

We, along with other agencies are responsible for informing and communicating with individuals and businesses in our communities. The #30days30waysUK campaign helps us do this with agencies sharing relevant national and local messages on social media and websites.  You can read more about the campaign here http://www.30days30waysuk.org.uk/