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Spring introductory training 2019:

During March / April we have been holding training sessions around the county. Out of the 325 volunteers that we currently have, we have now trained around 50%. It has been great to see so many of you, and it has proved to be a good opportunity for volunteers to meet each other, especially from their local areas. From the forms we received the overwhelming feedback has been a very positive one, with people finding out about the existing response to major incidents and how Ready For Anything volunteers can fit into this response.

Both the group work and presentations raised some good discussions, and the many ideas and suggestions have been a huge help. With this being the first major scheme for registering volunteers to assist in multi-agency major incidents, this is an ongoing learning process for us too.

Some things we have adapted as a direct consequence of points raised during training:

Text notification:

  • More detail needed within the initial incident notification text. E.g. idea of roles that will be required.
  • Build in the capacity for volunteers who will want to text back with questions before deployment.
  • Send the coordinator’s telephone number to those being deployed.
  • A final text needed to let volunteers know that we have enough people.


  • Looking into the possibility of car-sharing for volunteers who live near each other.

Training requests that were most frequently requested and will be incorporated:

  • First Aid 
  • Emotional support
  • Rest centre

We are currently looking at training venues and dates throughout the year for these and other planned sessions. We will email you with more details as they are confirmed.


UCI Cycling World Championships event:


In late September Yorkshire will be hosting the 2019 UCI Cycling World Championships. As part of the preparations for this major event there will be a large training session in Harrogate on Thursday 13th June, with an exercise looking at how to respond to issues that might arise during the races. There will be representatives from the emergency services, local authorities, some senior gold officers (chief execs), Yorkshire 2019 event staff, communications officers, contracted services and utility companies.

This will be a well-attended event but we have secured at least one table for Ready For Anything volunteers. We will be looking at tailored exercise scenarios which specifically look at how Ready for Anything volunteers could be involved alongside responding agencies.

There is no fee for attending and lunch will be provided.

Numbers are therefore limited but if you would like to attend then please reply by Thursday 9th May and depending on how many responses we get, we will probably have to draw names out of a hat. We will let everyone know by Friday 10th May if they have been picked.

To register your interest please email: 



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